Feb. 8th, 2012

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On Saturday we were woken to a call from our downstairs neighbor. Our furnace had malfunctioned, boiled dry and was continuing to heat. Thankfully the smoke detectors had done their job and she had been alerted, otherwise there was a very real chance that our house could have burned. The guy from TBros came that day and took down all the particulars and that unfortunately it meant a new boiler because the old had been cracked. I'm not sure if our neighbor panicking and running water into it had caused the crack or if it had cracked already, but it was a goner in any case. Monday an estimate was put together which we approved and Tuesday the boiler was ordered and received. This morning the crew arrived to do the replacement and they are hard at work on it now. From the sounds I have been hearing through the pipes I think the old boiler and accouterments have been removed and I expect they are working on the installation now. Hopefully heat will be forthcoming in a few more hours. Yes it is indeed pricey but we will be getting a new boiler (82% efficiency) which will definitely be better than the 25 year old one we had. Best of all our house didn't burn down and we weren't all overcome with fumes and killed, proving that any day you don't die is a good day.

Warm again

Feb. 8th, 2012 08:18 pm
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The plumber just left a little while ago and we have a spiffy new furnace. It has an automatic water feed so it will always be topped up and we won't have that boiling dry nonsense again. We have all Iron pipes now as well. When this place was condo-ized and the separate boilers were put in, they plumbed this in the easiest cheapest way possible with copper pipes coming out of the boilers. It was from those joints of our copper pipes that all the solder melted during the overheating. That won't happen again.


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