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Olaf of Trollhiemsfjord has started an Indiegogo campaign to raise money so he can get to the upcoming Metalsmith's symposium at the end of the month. He would appreciate any contribution you might be able to make.

You can contribute here:
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Bourne, Val, "Perry pears for the nation," The Plantsman, (New Series), Vol. 12, Part 2, June 2013, pp. 118-121.

Many ancient cultivars of perry pears have been saved from neglected orchards in the west of England. The author meets some of the horticulturists who are conserving them.
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In spite of all the rain (and snow!) we had a blast at Panteria. We had a beautiful little retreat tucked away from the main part of the site and that was just fine with me. I cooked all weekend and we had the delightful company of Jessica Voloudakis. Frenya Thorsteinndottir joined us for conversation on Sunday evening and [ profile] ekkehardt and [ profile] hakerh stopped by on Monday. After pulling out we ate a tasty late lunch at Polka Dots in White River Junction.

We went out after work today to the shoop and left off the camping gear from the weekend. The steel wire shelving isn't in yet to hold it but it gets it out of the storage area so we can begin to unload it to vacate by the end of June. [ profile] jdulac suggested and I agree that we should stow the commonly used gear all together at the front of the shoop and the poles and canvas we use less frequently in the back. We'll need to rearrange the enameling stations some. In other shoop news, there was a great set of painted wooden shelves sitting in the hallway with a sign that said "FREE" when we arrived so it immediately made its way in and is residing behind my workbench. Score!
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We're both fine, [ profile] jdulac whose office is one street over from the explosions, worked from home today because of the race. I was at the Arboretum, well out of harm's way but could hear all the emergency vehicles responding all afternoon. 
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Little Ruth Kitty left us yesterday, she was 22 years old. She had been in declining health over the past several weeks from kidney failure but had been bravely fighting on. She will be greatly missed by me, and [ profile] jdulac.

She was our dowager, our grande dame, a lady of culture and refinement, to whom we gave a voice something like Bertie Wooster’s Aunt Agatha. In Miss Ruth World she had been on safari in Africa (“That Mr. Hemingway was drunk the entire time!”), had holidayed in Monte Carlo (“And as I was saying to the Duke of Windsor in the casino…”) and was forever bemoaning the general decline of society (“The quality of this establishment has become very poor indeed! Slipshod! Completely slipshod!”). However, in spite of the formidable character we had given her, she was extremely sweet and would purr the moment you stepped into her room. Except that is for Gaston Kitty, the young roué (or so he was styled in Miss Ruth World), who would have loved nothing more than to have been able cuddle with her (he being a cuddler of the first order). However she being a lady of quality would not stand for those sorts of advances. In spite of her hisses, I think Gaston Kitty will miss her quite a bit too.
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Is there a place in the Boston area where I can buy BellaLusso crewel embroidery wool? I've looked at it online but I'd really like to see it in person. Any thoughts?
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I posted this on FB but thought some friends on LJ might enjoy the story as well

The reporter who broke the story of the Pope's resignation could understand Latin and didn't have to wait for the translations to come out!
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Remember, remember the Fifth of November...


Aug. 14th, 2012 08:53 am
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For those of my friends in the Boston area who might be interested, the Market Basket grocery store in Ashland carries Halal chicken. I don't know if any others in the chain do or not.


Jul. 19th, 2012 11:58 am
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Please keep him in your thoughts at 1:20pm today. The vet will be helping him along on his journey then.


Jul. 17th, 2012 10:16 am
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Please keep Nick in your thoughts today. He's fading fast and I don't know how much longer he will be with us.

Another photo of him...

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Nicholas came home from the hospital yesterday. He had been in the kitty ICU for 5 days and while he's definitely better he's still not doing great. The Dr is concerned that his numbers have not been responding as well as he would like. We are giving him 100ml of subcue fluids a day and an antibiotic. On a good note he has eaten a little bit and he's been drinking his water.

Here's another picture of the little guy...

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Little Nick continues at the hospital. His tests show a slight improvement but the vet thought it was best to keep him in where he could be hydrated easily and where he could have IV antibiotics. He will be in until at least Saturday when they retest him. We're just taking one day at a time.

Thanks to everyone who has offered their support, we appreciate it very much.

Here's another picture of my little bud.


Sick kitty

Jul. 10th, 2012 03:56 pm
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Our little grey and white guy, Nicholas, is very sick. Any positive energy and good thoughts would be appreciated right now.


CSA Week 2

Jun. 20th, 2012 09:07 pm
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The bounty this week:

Beets w/greens
An immense batch of Kale
An immense head of Lettuce
Radishes w/greens
Swiss chard
Turnips w/greens

CSA Week 1

Jun. 14th, 2012 03:24 pm
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The new CSA season is upon us! I have signed up for the same one as last year and am again very pleased at what arrived in the box yesterday. The haul included:

Garlic Scapes
Hakurei Turnips
Bok Choi
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Happy St. George's Day!
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Last night the building next door to us burned and the six families who lived there lost their homes.

It was about 11:45pm and had gone to bed. I was in the bathroom getting ready to step into the shower when I heard a beeping sound followed a few moments later by shouting and screaming. I put on my robe and ran out to look out in the front and then ran to the back porch and could see flames shooting out about 4-6 feet from the third floor back porch on the far side of the building. The house next door is a six unit rental property with 3 stories of apartments whose back porches are separated by a central stairwell. I immediately ran back in and told J that the house next door was on fire and we should dress and be ready to get out if need be. I then ran back on our rear porch just as the fire trucks began to arrive. At that point the porch was well involved and the firemen began to pour water on but I could see that flames were in the stairwell and beginning to come to over to the porch on our side of the building so I shouted to the fireman to direct some spray over that way which he did. Firemen with breathing apparatus were entering the building then from the stairwell and from ladders and Ladder Truck 4 had extended its ladder along the side of the house to reach the porch and house roofs. The firemen in the house began to smash out all the windows and pretty soon they had the blaze contained. Thank heavens that at that time the breeze had died down, if it was windy as it had been during the day, the flames very easily could have engulfed the entire porch and jumped the 15’ gap over to our house. A giant debt of gratitude is also due to the Boston Fire Department for the super fast response. They were here in what seemed like only moments and literally hit the ground running.

View of the site if the fire, just as the flames were being extinguished.

I found out several things later while talking with our neighbors, first that it was apparently a smoldering cigarette which caused the blaze, and that the men from the 1st and 3rd floors from the house next door on the other side saw the fire (probably from their porches), and then ran to the burning house, broke in and went to each apartment beating on the doors to wake up the residents to get them out. This was the shouting and screaming I heard while I was in the bathroom. Their bravery prevented what could have been a horrible tragedy because the family with a toddler on the 2nd floor was sound asleep at the time and I believe more as well.

Places were found in the neighborhood for everyone to stay for the next few nights but the house will be uninhabitable until it is repaired, which will probably be months, so new apartments for the residents will need to be located. Many of the residents did not have rental insurance and at least two of the families have lost everything, the remainder has lost possessions to varying degrees of water and smoke damage. We are looking into setting up a fund for donations and of having a benefit with music and maybe an auction. I will post more info for donations and on the benefit as we get things pulled together.

We will be looking to our own property insurance in the light of this and I want to get good quality fire extinguishers for each landing of our back stairwell. We have new smoke detectors throughout the house and a carbon monoxide detector in the stairwell to the cellar.

Not the way I had wanted to spend my Friday night…

EDIT: A short article from the JP patch:
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I just came across this dish from Aragona, Sicily. Enjoy!

Tiano (Tagano) Aragona (Baked pasta the Aragona way)

28 oz. Rigatoni
8 eggs
10.5 oz. minced meat
7 oz. tomato paste
2 c. chicken broth
1 onion
7 oz. fresh small peas
3.5 oz. grated pecorino cheese
3.5 oz. breadcrumbs
olive oil


Prepare ragu sauce as usual (tomato paste, broth to moisten, 1/2 of the onion and minced meat) and cook for about an hour. Cook the peas, and remaining onion in oil separately.

Cook rigatoni in a large pot of salty water until al dente, drain and add ragu sauce and meat.

Place in an earthenware dish previously greased and dusted with breadcrumbs, and alternate pasta and thin tuma cheese slices, peas and some beaten eggs with grated pecorino. Top with tuma cheese, pour remainder of the beaten eggs and some breadcrumbs on rigatoni. Bake in pre-heated oven (375) for about 20 minutes. A nice crunchy golden layer will appear on top.


Feb. 29th, 2012 01:07 pm
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The snow has started. It will be interesting to see how much we actually get...
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