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[personal profile] dreda posted a link to the spinning girl optical allusion:

I got an interesting result. When i first clicked into it she was going c-clockwise but almost she immediately switched direction. I have tried all the tricks suggested but have not been able to get her to switch back.

I took the test and got 55% left brain and 45% right brain.

I think some of the difference in effect might be what I think of as my "work brain," that of librarian and my "non-work brain," that of a craftsman. I answered the quiz in a mix of work and non-work mode, but to be really accurate I should have probably tailored my answers to the appropriate environment, either home or office. I suppose you can say I am of two minds, my highly word centered brain of a librarian and my touch and craft centered brain of my free time. Which one is my "right mind" I don't know!

I know I have alluded to it a little bit here in my journal but I have been influenced quite a bit by the work of Dr. Susan Haden Elgin [profile] ozarque here in LJ land. She is the author if Try to Feel It My Way, Wiley, 1997. Her discussions of touch dominance in her journal and in her book have opened my eyes to an aspect of my being that I instinctively knew was part of me but that I had never been able to put my finger on before. This test has again reminded me of the split I have been work and play.

I will have to try the spinning girl test again at home when I'm out of my work mode. It will be interesting to see how she turns!


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